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Pisa is a famous city of architectural masterpieces. What is her «falling tower» worth! The history of this formerly powerful maritime trade city-republic is fraught with many mysteries that you will not read anywhere else. Our guides will gladly reveal these secrets to you.

On a sightseeing tour of Pisa you will see:
Baptistery of San Giovanni the largest baptistery in the world! It was built in 1153 by the medieval architect Diotisalvi, who devoted his entire life to the masterpiece and died of love for a Genoese lady. The masterpiece will impress you with its correct form and harmonious proportions.

Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is an amazing architectural masterpiece of the 16th century. You will see its chic doors with bronze panels, a facade with six loggias, stately arches and marble columns and the main value of the temple, the famous pulpit of Giovanni Pisano.

Campo Santo cemetery, where the famous Pisans rest. You will see the high loggias, hear where and under what circumstances Bishop Ubaldo Lanfranca brought the land here in the XII century.

The bell tower is the most famous building of the square. You will learn why the Pisans were at first ashamed of the curved tower, why it is tilted, whether Galileo actually conducted experiments here and how many “falling” towers in the city. If you wish, you can climb to a height of 54 meters to enjoy the panorama of the city.

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