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Where does the journey begin? You can answer: from the entrance to the hotel, from a study tour, from new acquaintances… That’s right, but in reality the first minutes of your trip begin when the landing gear touched the ground or, in our case, the cruise ship docked at the port.

La Spezia cruise port annually welcomes thousands of tourists who want to immerse themselves in Italy’s enveloping atmosphere and feel the beauty of its architecture and

sculpture. There are magnificent historical monuments of Italian culture in the city of La Spezia. If you have free time, be sure to arrange yourself a short sightseeing tour.

The first thing you need to know about La Spezia is that here it was decided to build the main naval base in Italy. But the main attraction of the city is the ancient cathedral of the 15th century by the hands of the Florentine sculptor Andrea del Robbia. The cathedral is famous for its sculptures from burnt clay. Be sure to visit the old and not so long ago restored St. George’s Castle. It houses the famous archaeological collection, consisting of 19 humaniform stelae discovered in Lunidjan. Visit the old part of the city, where a very cozy, warm and friendly atmosphere prevails. It is especially good here in the summer, when many music and cultural festivals and projects are held.

After such a warm-up, but a very pleasant walk in the city of La Spezia, you will want to get from the cruise port of La Spezia to the even more colorful and picturesque Pisa as soon as possible. This can be done by train, by bus or by taxi and personal transfer.

A train. At La Spezia Centrale station, catch the Re train and go to Pisa Centrale station. On the way you will spend 1 h 13 min. The fare is 25–45 EUR.

Bus. At La Spezia, La Spezia station, take bus number 508. After 1 h 10 min, leave at the station Pisa, Pisa. The fare is 31 EUR.

Taxi. If you do not want to spend time looking for the necessary stop, being afraid to be late for the train or bus, then use our company services and book a transfer from La Spezia port to Pisa in advance. We will quickly and comfortably deliver you to any place in Pisa, provide you with all the necessary services and ensure you complete safety and confidentiality of the trip.

To order personal transfer Pisa — La Spezia port for price from 190€ write WhatsApp CHAT or

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